Flying Fox

I stepped out to face the wind smashing against me. Whoosh, I was like a rocket swooping through the air.


I reached the end of the finish line of the amazing, scary and fast flying fox. I collected the rope and raced back for my next turn.


“Yeah it’s my next turn” said Ziggy. I reckoned I was going to go upside down this time. I finished, buckled and connected up my harness as the gate opened. I stepped off the block and ran out of the tower.


I quickly engaged with my feet tipping them upside down. In the distance I could see Max talking to Kyle. They looked strange, they were upside down too.


I realised I was close to the end of the wire so I quickly turned the right side up.


That was very fun I say to myself at the end of the fun time at the flying fox we all go back to our cabins to regain all our energy. Everyone in my cabin had a good laugh about the day and after a while we put our comfortable clothes on and we went to have dinner and then we had a disco in the games room for the disco a lot of my friends and I put our onesies On and had lots of fun after that we all went to bed.



That was a very fun day said everyone.



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