My Autobiography

Hi, I’m Ziggy. You can call me Ziggy or Ziggs. I’m a very funny boy. I live with my mum, Jackie, my dad, Takie, my brother, Luca, my sister, Grace and my dog Honey. I live in Melbourne in a nice house (I think).



I play soccer we won the grand final there’s a new team in my league it’s called the green central comets. By the way, my team is called the white central comets we moved into a different league so the greens are in our old league called the mini league so now where in the super league and Luca use to be in super league. My dad is the coach for my brother’s team. Also my coach is my friend Quinn’s dad called David I think he likes me since I’m the oldest in my team. We lost our first match in our new league 5 nil so that was annoying but it doesn’t matter because where new in that league.



That’s me Ziggy  the (very) funny boy.

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