Swimming Carnival

Ouch oh no

I got a bee sting!! What am I going to do? “I know I will ask Leo to get the teacher for me thanks Leo I really like how you helped me. Ouch, I was just walking over to my towel and I just walked on the bee it really hearts Antony” “said Ziggy” “I brought the medicine bag with me I will spray your bee sting with this cold spray it might be too cold but you’re a tough kid so it will be fine.” “Said Antony” am I going to be able to do the cork-scramble because it is so fun? Yes you will be able to do the cork-scramble but you still need to stay on your towel for a while twenty minutes past yay its better and the cork-scramble starts in five minutes I will make it five minutes past yay where in the pool ready set go we all started to collect corks 124891011131719203038… yes I caught 1 when Antony through some corks oh no banks have already got a full tub but were catching up yay. No Banks won well that sucks so much maybe next time that sucks.

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