The Sahara Desert


Welcome to the Sahara desert found in northern Africa the home of a scorpion, camel and a gerbil and of course cacti. It can get to 58  C and the average is 38 C.


The Dromedary Camel

The dromedary camel is a friend to man and a very useful animal. It eats plants including acacia. Camels’ walk they can run but not that fast. The camel’s features are its hump, trunk, tail, nostril and eyelashes. It also has live young. The Latin name for a camel is camelus.



The Scorpion

The scorpion eats insects, bugs, camels and small rodents. It is a massive foe to man because it can kill humans in one spray of its poison or three bites of its pincers in a human’s neck. The features of a scorpion are its poison and its pincers. The Latin name for a scorpion is scorpio.





The Gerbil


The gerbil it’s a foe to man. It eats grains, seeds, grasses, fruit, roots, flowers and small animals like worms and insects. Gerbils have live young. The Latin name for a gerbil is gerbillinae.


Non-living thing in the Sahara Desert :

Sand rocks and wind.




So that’s the hot Sahara desert the home of a scorpion, a camel and a gerbil. It is a hot desert because it is near the equator.







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