Letter to Jude ❕❕^_^

Dear Jude,


I agree we have a great view of our surroundings it’s my first time being in a upstairs classroom in this building so I’m very excited too.


Let me tell you a few things about me I like sport I play outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, tennis and I used to do swimming lessons  I think sport is a big part of my life it covers up basically every day in the week so I don’t have much time to do other things. I have a brother and a sister who are sometimes very annoying but also supportive I have the best family there all supportive and we see each other a fair bit.


On the holidays we drove to Euroa and then to Sydney on the way to Sydney we stayed a night in Canberra which was good because I have never been to Canberra before we saw parliament house (old and new) we also saw the new year fireworks which was actually a bit annoying because the fireworks in Sydney were amazing and I mean it. When we were in Sydney on the wettest day ever we walked across the bridge and when we got back to our hotel we were so wet we weren’t allowed to go inside the hotel we had to wait until we dried of a bit so we were outside and it was so cold and about two days went past and it became really really hot so we were at the Bondi beach on that day I got stung by a blue bottle which wasn’t good at all it stung so bad and it really hurt we went to the life guards who were on the beach they had ice to put on the stings and they told me early on in the day someone who was an asthmatic had to go to the hospital so that made me a bit scared because I’m an asthmatic. On my holidays I also went to the skate park and used my new prodigy scooter I  got for Christmas which was good because my old scooter that I had the wheels were flat, the handle bars were tiny and the width of the deck was also tiny.

So that’s me and for some reason I think will get along very well


From Ziggy









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