B.T.N Voting Age


  1. The minimum voting age that your allowed to vote at is 18
  2. Bill Shorten (federal opposition leader) wants to change the age to 16 and 17
  3. 400 000 18 to 24 year old’s are not enrolling to vote witch is against the law



  1. Will the age ever change?
  2. Do all 16 and 17 year old’s want to vote?



  1. Would the idea of changing the age to vote be different if  Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, Scotland and Germany didn’t already have the age minimum to 16?

100 WC #4


No you have to be kidding me. Why? What am I going to do the connection where has it gone well first things first I’ll go check the modem that’s probably what’s wrong. I go downstairs and check the modem and there’s a sticky note it that says ha ha and underneath that it says James ah my stupid brother he must have turned it off I turn it back on and go back to my room to do my homework again I think to myself as I walk in my room I hope he doesn’t do it again and then I here scrambling downstairs.



100 WC #5

I have never learnt how to row and I knew that it will be hard. Mum said if I successfully finish a lap around the river she will give me sweet lollies and a packet of chips it’s probably a lie. It was a bit nerve racking and I wasn’t so sure about it and if I was going to fail or not. Take it in to consideration and you still don’t know. I think (well hope) that I don’t fall of or even hurt myself in that matter. Well it’s the big day so here goes nothing. Until a fly falls on my head!


100 WC #3

I know right we have to get rid of these annoying skateboarders they are so annoying. There making our suburb look like a terrible place and everyone and we know terribly well that our suburb is a great place. There wrecking all of the statures, corners and there grinding on them and wrecking them. Well if you want to do something do something well if where going to let’s start on suggestions. Why don’t we just build a skate park I think the three of us will be fine with that and I’m sure the skateboarders will be happy with the idea.



B.T.N Constitution


  1. constitution changing  is more complicated than just changing laws
  2. some people think it need’s to be changed
  3. technically  Australia is just a big club with 22 million members



  1. what would of happened if there was no constitution?
  2. what if Australia never had a referendum?



  1. what would of happened if the Government could do whatever they wanted?


  1. Australia Day is a celebration of the first fleet arrival
  2. Captain Arthur Philip started a new colony when he arrived in Australia (Camp Cove Port Jackson)
  3.   Australia Day used to be called Foundation Day



  1. How do you get in the running to be Australian of the Year Award?
  2. Why don’t they announce the winner on the actual Day?



  1. What would of happened if the first fleet never came?



Superhero 100 WC #2

ahhh someone help he I’m being robbed by an old granny batman batman where’s Robin I need help fast. I see batman rush of the roof to help he come downs and does some karate moves and gets the robber and gets me out of there. Grabs my hand bag that the robber took and handed back to me. I quickly ran away while batman held him so the robber can’t jump back and try again. While I am running away I remember why I’m out that’s right I thin in my head buying the ring check my pocket It’s gone.