100 WC #8

Well I have rocked up at the beach and I have a whole load of rubbish I see about fifty bins and I do not know which rubbish bin to use my mate was chasing me to the bins and has just got to me why don’t we put one piece of rubbish in each of the bins. Well that’s a stupid idea how about we just put all the rubbish on the floor. You have got to be kidding me if you think my idea was stupid you’re crazy because that’s littering and that’s bad for the environment (I think.)

BTN Science Kids


  1. Some schools let younger kids do science
  2. Some kids understand more things than older kids
  3.  Some younger kids really want to do science


  1. Will this make other schools think about changing?
  2. Do most younger kids understand science? (or just some)


  1. Why do most kids don’t want to study science

100 WC #7

I put my hand in the box and felt a warm, gooey, slimy and soft substance. I move my hand around in the box to find the star. I wasn’t having much until I touch and feel a hard object. I grip the object and while i’m pulling the object up I think to myself “I guess I spoke to soon.” I quickly run over to the next box and put my hand in and feel nothing? thats weird I shout to the judge and tell him he says “What thats strange and it’s also never happened before.” I go to the next box and…

B.T.N Passing a Bill


  1. A law is called a bill if it is being passed through  the House of Reps and the Senate
  2. If a bill gets called out the bill has to go back to the start
  3. The Governor General is connected to the Queen


  1. What if the Governor General disagrees with the bill?
  2. If the bill does not pass the House of Reps how many times can it go back to the start?


  1. What would happen if there was no Government



100 WC #6

They stopped the leaking but the spot just grew and grew. Oil was drifting in every direction, there was no stopping it now. A cold wind blew up from the south and carried the black liquid to a rocky island far out in the Pacific ocean. The men knew they were in trouble because in the distance they had spotted a small group of turtles swimming dangerously close to the blackness. They rushed to a nearby speedboat, turned the key and the boat shot off. Racing towards the turtles they knew they had to act fast if they were to redirect the turtles in time.