Goals for Semester one

What I want to learn:

I need to work on reading and finding new books and different authors. I could do this by going up to Jude and asking for new books, authors or new genres. I also need to read a question inn maths and really think about it and understand it better than I already do because normally I don’t really understand the question and get the question wrong and sometimes I just guess and guessing in maths is probably the worst thing to do and I don’t to guess.


My Reflection on Goals:

I think that I have achieved most of my goals but I am sure that I have some more goals that I need to work on. Some goals I may want to work on are projecting my voice, talking to big crowds and to share my opinions and ideas with people so they can consider what I have to say and share with a person or a large or small group of people. I also think I need to work on my strategies and know how I can use them in better ways. I also need to share my opinion in other ways.


Goals for Semester two

I need to work on my school speaking and listening and how I work out math problems. I also need to work on my speeches and what i put into my speeches and how I present them to groups of people or just people. I think I could work on my writing and the quality of my writing or else it can just be a boring piece of writing that no one will want to read or even think about. I think I also need to work on my reading I could probably do this by changing the books that I read.

100 WC #12

Why are you on fire? I really don’t know i like to be on fire but it is really annoying when people walk into me because they die and then i get arrested for murder and then go to jail for like 10 years. Which is really the worst when you get charged for a crime you really did not commit. My best friend just realised that he has a flame on his head and he is screaming his head and he knows that he will probably die in about 5 minutes but somehow the flame just disappears and he is fine which is amazing.

I got this hat in Cairns when I went to the crocodile park that they have there you get to see the crocodiles and get up real close.  There was also a shop there that sold a lot of things  with pictures of crocodiles on the toys. I got a hat with a crocodile bite that had taken of some off the hat which looked really cool. I was about 5 when I got it that year it was my favorite hat and I wore it heaps and heaps I can’t remember one day where I did not where it. It is my favorite hat.





When AFL teams select new players the aussie outback is always one of the best places to select players from. Some players selected for AFL are from the aussie outback because they are fast and have great skill. AFL is one of the toughest sports to play. Why did Zeph Skinner quit? How many people get selected to play AFL each year? I wonder why some people get to be able to play and then say no and do not play AFL.

Here is the link to the BTN article: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4010022.htm


100 WC #11

I was wearing my new orange pyjamas as the thunder daunted us. We were in our favourite room that we call the “Winter Room”  its the room that we use when its cold, raining or like now hailing thunder. It’s about 12:30pm and I am starving. I feel like chicken and I want to eat it in silence as I listen to the storm. As soon as I say “I feel like chicken” my mum calls across the hallway “swimming is about to start!” and that is the last thing I feel like because I’ve already swam today.

BTN Soccer School

Soccer is a great sport to play and is the most supported sport. Some kids play every recess and lunch. Also some Arsenal players come into classrooms to teach and talk about soccer.Will any other schools teach playing soccer? How does it help your mental skills? I wonder why soccer is the most supported sport.

The link to the BTN video is http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3517668.htm

100 WC #10

Well I guess that’s the stairway said James as I ran off from fright. I get to our house and run to my bedroom I jump into bed and hide my brother ran back from the stairway and found me in my bed. He was laughing his head of because i was so scared. He  is such a mean and selfish brother he doesn’t care about anyone and anybody. I get out of bed and push him out of my bedroom he runs of cring to mum because he has a small cut as i see something peering through the window with a rifle.

BTN Antibiotics


  1. Antibiotics are used to stop bacteria
  2. Antibiotics can be bad for you if you use them when you don’t need them
  3. There are good and bad bacteria


  1. Can antibiotics be used when they are expired?
  2. Why was the first antibiotic called penicillin?


  1. If Alexander Fleming never left some dirty petri dishes out when he went away would we have ever found out about antibiotics

100 WC #9

Suddenly I heard the sound of a gun shot, I was shot straight through the head and I looked dead on the floor. Another solder (my brother) came running even sprinting and he thought I was dead. There was so much blood coming out of my head he was balling his eyes out. He ran back to the Sergeant to let him know, he started to cry, the war is a depressed and crying place. Another guy just got shot in the leg the lucky thing was he wasn’t that injured and he was going to survive.