Goals for Semester one

What I want to learn:

I need to work on reading and finding new books and different authors. I could do this by going up to Jude and asking for new books, authors or new genres. I also need to read a question inn maths and really think about it and understand it better than I already do because normally I don’t really understand the question and get the question wrong and sometimes I just guess and guessing in maths is probably the worst thing to do and I don’t to guess.


My Reflection on Goals:

I think that I have achieved most of my goals but I am sure that I have some more goals that I need to work on. Some goals I may want to work on are projecting my voice, talking to big crowds and to share my opinions and ideas with people so they can consider what I have to say and share with a person or a large or small group of people. I also think I need to work on my strategies and know how I can use them in better ways. I also need to share my opinion in other ways.


Goals for Semester two

I need to work on my school speaking and listening and how I work out math problems. I also need to work on my speeches and what i put into my speeches and how I present them to groups of people or just people. I think I could work on my writing and the quality of my writing or else it can just be a boring piece of writing that no one will want to read or even think about. I think I also need to work on my reading I could probably do this by changing the books that I read.

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