100 WC #15

I have watched the yellow aeroplane with the violin on it for about three hours and it still has not done a thing. It is probably the most boring thing to watch. I wish it would do something but i’m pretty sure it wont do a single thing besides departing from the airport. Mum wants to go to our grandparents farm but I want to watch the plane until it swepts away on the distance but mum really does want to go. so we hop in the care and head of i haven’t eaten anything so i’m starving until I see a MacDonalds.

BTN Circus Animals

I definitely think that animals should be banned from circus’s and here are some reasons why.


Animals might be nice but this is no reason to make animals perform. Animals are living creatures and all animals live in different ways like where they live, how they live and also how they hunt to stay alive. Animals should definitely be able to do what they want and live like they want. Some areas of Australia have banned the use of circus animals completely and I think they did that for a good cause. The monkey inclosure in the BTN episode has no where for the monkeys to able to play it does have a swing but since when do monkeys use a swing? They always use trees to swing on and jump from tree to tree and monkeys love to climb. The monkeys need to be happy mentally and physically. With the tigers and lions they have somewhere to be able to walk around but they are not kept in there natural habitat to run at full speed, climb and hunt. At least a zoo has a purpose for keeping animals in an inclosure because they do research and they help sick and endangered species.  


For conclusion I definitely think that circus animals should be banned from circuses because there is no reason to have them as entertainment and they are not happy mentally and physically.


Here is the link to the BTN video I watched: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3502475.htm


100 WC #14

We have not lost a game in futsal yet and today we have to face second in the grand final which will be tough. We all think we have a chance but sure do not want to get our hopes up. The team who we are versing are a pretty good team which will be a challenge. There is two girls in this that use to go to our school and who still goes go to our school. Both teams walk out on the field nerve racking for the game a whistle blew and everyone disappeared in hope.

100 WC #13

I would rather be eating than reading but the shop behind me has run out of food because all the other food shops at the airport are having renovations and that is the only food shop left. There is this statue sitting next to me and it’s very strange it looks like a cowboy which is a strange thing knowing that we are at an air port in Dubai. I never knew there was cow boys at an airport in Dubai. They just called my plane number so I better go if I don’t want to miss my plane.