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Of all the leaders, I believe that Malcolm Turnbull should be Prime Minister of Australia.

The first reason why is that he has a lot of experience before he joined the government.  Malcolm was a journalist, lawyer and a businessman, which will help him when working with people and using their ideas and opinions in making Australia a better place.

The second reason why is that he wants Australia to have a strong economy through growth and jobs and having more students, both boys and girls,  to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects so we can discover more medicines, facts and technology which can be helpful in finding cures for diseases like cancer. This will give Australia lots of money from other countries and Australia will have a reputation for curing diseases.

In conclusion I believe that Malcolm Turnbull should be Prime Minister from the two reasons which are Malcolm has experience in working with people and he wants people to study the STEM subjects for a stronger economy and more jobs and growth.



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