BTN New Zealand Earthquake

This BTN is about the earthquake in 2011. In this persuasive text I will persuade you to be on my side of the argument.

The first reason that I will be sharing with you is that New Zealand should make earthquake safe buildings so when they have these earthquakes they will be more prepared and will not have to fix so much.

My second reason is that people in New Zealand should be evacuated from the area that the earthquake has hit before the earthquake has actually happened so there will be less deaths and injuries.

My third point is about the cost of earthquakes. The cost would be very high because the have to pay for all the wrecked buildings, sewage, gas leaks as well as roads and health care costs. This could be payed for from a special tax for earthquakes.

In conclusion they are all of the main points  on New Zealand and how they should have been more prepared for the earthquake in 2011. I hope I have taught you something and  I also hope you are now on my side of  this argument.

Here is a link to the BTN article I watched:!/media/31113/

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