BTN Cyclone

In this article it states that the Yasi cyclone was the scariest and most destructive one in Australia and thats what I strongly do agree with from these two points.


The cyclone Yasi killed a lot of people in it’s path. The cyclone reached category five and had the city lose 3.6 billion dollars of buildings trees and heaps more . Cyclone Yasi would definitely have to be Australia’s worst experience of a cyclone.


Cyclone Yasi reached wind count of 285km which has been recorded as then KMPH cyclone anda massive 1450km in diameter.


So now i hope you know think what i think which is that Cyclone Yasi was definitely the largest cyclone that australians have experienced.


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100 WC #20

I was laying underneath my families car reaching out for my favourite Nike soccer ball which I just got today. I grabbed the ball but suddenly it started to evolve it turned into a black extraordinary flamingo maybe I actually picked up a egg. It poked me and it made a pimple type thing appear on my leg he poked me again another pimple thing appeared this really weird I thought to myself. I ran inside the house and showed my mum she was really shocked and fainted I ran to my dad but he wasn’t him self he had turned into a dog.

B.T.N Volcanoes

In this article Sarah Larsen spoke about if it is ok to build houses on or near volcanoes. In this persuasive text I will be persuading you that it is not ok.


My first main point would have to be well it’s just such a foolish and idiotic the to do. Your basically risking your life do you want to die or something? it would be such a bad idea to make. You must be crazy if you really thought of that.


My second argument would have to be your wasting your money. Say you buy a house on or near a volcano and you do a three million dollar renovation on the house and the volcano erupts you would be in all sorts of trouble. If you just would of listened to people you would have a amazing house and you probably would probably have a better house because you could spend more on it and actually get some use out of it.


So in conclusion that is why i think building a house on or near a volcano would be such a foolish and idiotic idea.

Camp Responce

The best thing about camp would have to be the last post ceremony where we got to stand next to the remembrance pool. We had the privilege to stand next to pool because we were the most behaved school out of the five other schools. In the ceremony the speaker said that all the students next to the may sit but none of us did to show respect. After the ceremony we got great compliments from all the parents and teachers. The last post ceremony is a sad state to be in but all the kids did very well. Lest We Forget


Yes! Another sock we were doing Sock wrestling at the A.I.S. My first opponent was Jack we had just finished. I had pulled of five of jacks and he had pulled of none of mine. The aim of sock wrestling is you have to go on your knees and use your arms to tackle your opponent to the floor and then pull of their socks. After the one on one we did free for all but you were allowed to team up and aim for either one person or a group of people and that’s what me and my friends did. I was one of the last peoples left so in the end I did pretty well.

100 WC #19

I have been waiting for this moment as a little girl and now it has happened I was standing on the diving board at the Olympics 2016. I was very nervous and did not want that to make my dive a foul or a bad  dive. The number one ranked in the world diver just had her turn. There was only one person in front of me who was about to dive she had done a foul jump so she went back up on the board for her final dive it wasn’t a foul this time as I stared into the water it began to turn green it looked like my vomit…

BTN Earthquakes

In this article it talked about the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. In this persuasive text I am going to persuade you to think what I think is that Haiti should have been more prepared for the earthquake they had.

My first point is that buildings should have been built earthquake proof so the towns would not have been so destroyed and more people would not have died because of  all the parts of the buildings falling on top of the humans.

My second point about this article is more people should of just ran and only helped a few people so then there would be some deaths but not that much overall. If you really think about it there would be less deaths because say you go and help someone your also risking your life and instead of one person dying there would be two or more and I am sure you don’t want to die. do you?

In conclusion these are the reasons why Haiti should have been better prepared about the earthquake they had.

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100 WC #18

In two days my football team was going to play in the grand final. We all thought that we would go alright knowing that our best player is playing. Though unfortunately he was not going to play and only me and the coach knew. We also knew that we are going to have such a hard time telling the rest of the team members. After a hard day went past coach found someone to fill in for the team. With just 20 minutes until the game started the fill in player said but how would I know how to play football…

100 WC #17

Me and my class were off  to an excursion to a museum, we were going to look at everything in it. When we arrived at the museum only one picture stood out to me and got my full attention. The picture was a bamboo forest with fireflies glowing it was incredible. The only rule our teacher told us was not to get lost and I have failed that rule miserably. I really can’t find my class or any of the staff members that work here so…


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