BTN Earthquakes

In this article it talked about the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. In this persuasive text I am going to persuade you to think what I think is that Haiti should have been more prepared for the earthquake they had.

My first point is that buildings should have been built earthquake proof so the towns would not have been so destroyed and more people would not have died because of  all the parts of the buildings falling on top of the humans.

My second point about this article is more people should of just ran and only helped a few people so then there would be some deaths but not that much overall. If you really think about it there would be less deaths because say you go and help someone your also risking your life and instead of one person dying there would be two or more and I am sure you don’t want to die. do you?

In conclusion these are the reasons why Haiti should have been better prepared about the earthquake they had.

Here is the link to the article I watched:



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