B.T.N Volcanoes

In this article Sarah Larsen spoke about if it is ok to build houses on or near volcanoes. In this persuasive text I will be persuading you that it is not ok.


My first main point would have to be well it’s just such a foolish and idiotic the to do. Your basically risking your life do you want to die or something? it would be such a bad idea to make. You must be crazy if you really thought of that.


My second argument would have to be your wasting your money. Say you buy a house on or near a volcano and you do a three million dollar renovation on the house and the volcano erupts you would be in all sorts of trouble. If you just would of listened to people you would have a amazing house and you probably would probably have a better house because you could spend more on it and actually get some use out of it.


So in conclusion that is why i think building a house on or near a volcano would be such a foolish and idiotic idea.

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