Camp Responce

The best thing about camp would have to be the last post ceremony where we got to stand next to the remembrance pool. We had the privilege to stand next to pool because we were the most behaved school out of the five other schools. In the ceremony the speaker said that all the students next to the may sit but none of us did to show respect. After the ceremony we got great compliments from all the parents and teachers. The last post ceremony is a sad state to be in but all the kids did very well. Lest We Forget


Yes! Another sock we were doing Sock wrestling at the A.I.S. My first opponent was Jack we had just finished. I had pulled of five of jacks and he had pulled of none of mine. The aim of sock wrestling is you have to go on your knees and use your arms to tackle your opponent to the floor and then pull of their socks. After the one on one we did free for all but you were allowed to team up and aim for either one person or a group of people and that’s what me and my friends did. I was one of the last peoples left so in the end I did pretty well.

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