Reflection on Coding

Reflection on Coding

This lesson was about explaining coding. We played two games which taught us to direct the robot. The computer only does what we tell it to do. Coding is running something like a game. When we were playing the game you had to tell the game the specific direction to do something. In the future coding will help the future by doing something more efficient coding will be more involved in a lot of the future jobs.


Q 1: What do I want to learn?

A 1: How to program an actual computer game


Q 2: What excites or confuses you?

A 2: In the future there will be a lot of jobs that will involve more coding to make the work more efficient.


Q 3: How could we improve learning coding at MPPS?

A 3: This could be done by running an I.C.T club and have a big unit on coding. This club could be used for different things about I.C.T. This club could be ran by kids that understood I.C.T and knew how to explain Coding and other things in I.C.T another is where Ant or another teacher that knew a lot about I.C.T could run the club.

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