The Young Boy

Ahh, the blood why is it so blue? I yelled, he was screaming like a dying goat. I thought he was going to die it looked like he was in so much pain and there was nothing I could do apart from watching him die very slowly and think about why his blood was blue. I heard this piercing sound from the young boy and there was a flash of a white light. The young boy was no longer a young boy he was now a fierce gorilla.

Jumping up and banging his chest. He stared at me for a minute. Then whatran onto the freeway. Dodging and jumping all the cars that got in its way. There was one semi-auto truck coming in the gorilla’s direction it hit the gorilla! I raced over to the injured animal to check if he was ok and not terribly injured or even dying. I dragged him of the freeway, there was blood covering all of his body. I took of my top to use it as a rag to wipe up all the blood and stop the bleeding. There were pieces of rubber inside the wounds which made the injury worse. I ran to the closest payphone to call the ambulance. I told the person where I was and the man said he will get someone to come and help. I asked myself ‘would the doctors help a gorilla?’

The sirens were loud when the ambulance arrived. The doctors and paramedics helped the gorilla into the car. The driver raced to the emergency part of the hospital. We arrived at the hospital and the doctors checked his heart rate. He was losing blood really fast from all the cuts and scrapes. He was going to die the doctors told me. 15 minutes passed and the gorilla passed away from blood loss. The doctors stayed strong but I could not hold the sobbing.

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