S.R.C Application

You should definitely vote for me I would be the best in the class for the job.


There are many skills required to be part of the S.R.C and I feel that I have some of those skills and wanted to share these with you.


I can speak well in front of crowds and have spoken in front of the whole school before. I also have a deep voice so that helps me when I’m speaking I love my voice for that reason and I think it’s easy to understand when I am speaking.  I also know a lot of words to express what I am talking about. Communication is one of the skills I have that would benefit the S.R.C.


Listening and Giving Feedback

I am good at listening to people and don’t get distracted and give them my attention.  I like to listen to my classmates share their opinions and give them feedback on their ideas. In class I know that I always give people my full attention when they are speaking


Leadership and Working with People

I am good at being the leader and suggesting things that we should do and why we should do them.  I enjoy organising things and people and think I do this in a fair way.  The other day is class when we were put into two groups my group decided that I should be the leader because most of the ideas that I suggested almost all were agreed by the group.


They are just some of the reasons why I should be the SRC representative for my class and we would be here all day if I told you all the reasons.




Letter to Ant

Dear Antony,


Let me tell you a few things about me I like sport I play outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, tennis and I used to do swimming lessons. I think sport is a big part of my life and I have a sport related thing every day of the week except Monday and Wednesday. I also like meeting and playing with friends. I like fishing, going to the footy and soccer and I like spending time with my family. I find myself like a very active and kind person always doing thing inside or out. I’m pretty competitive and like playing with/in teams and working with other people and trying new things and are open to new or different experiences.


In the holidays I did a lot of things. We went to Batemans Bay there we went fishing, we went on boats, we went to really nice beaches everyday (since the weather was really good), we caught a lot of fish such as flathead, we ate oysters and fishing charters. When I was in Batemans Bay we did this long walk from Depot Beach to Pebbly Beach on that walk I got stung by a blue bottle which wasn’t the best. I had a great time there but bad part was the drive there and the drive back the drive was like 12 hours or something. On the way there we stopped in Albury and saw some friends who had come up here to see their family which was nice since we hadn’t seen them for years literally because we left a week after new years then we decided to stay the night in Albury which was cool because we had only been to Albury once before besides that time. New Year’s Eve was crazy for our family we met a lot of our cousin, aunties, uncles and grandparents at my Mum’s mum’s farm in Euroa where we stayed at on the drive to Canberra camp. We stayed up to midnight and went to bed about one (we had a great hour party). Back in Brunswick I had a lot of catch-ups with friends. We also went to the Australian Open for two days in a row all day it was really good because we got to see some really good players like Andy Murray who is number one in the world. After some matches some of the players signed some stuff like big tennis balls they sold next to the arena and luckily Andy Murray signed my tennis ball and cap.


What I like about school is meeting new kids and teachers and seeing all these different personalities and if there a teacher the different ways different teachers teach. When I’m learning I like writing stuff in the books but I rather using the netbooks to do work. When working in class I love to help people if there stuck. I like to share my opinions and ideas to make something better I know I am good at this.


I’m looking forward to the year but I already know it’s going to be a good one. I know you will teach a lot of knew things and possibly I might teach you something.




Safer Internet Day Reflection

Todays webinar was about being safe one internet and your profile while using things on the internet.

My Goal is:

  1. To always know if a site is safe or not

What I already know and do:

  1. I tell a trusted adult or parent when I experience a problem on the internet

What I learned in This Session:

  1. I learnt some ways to identify if something is spam or unsafe like if they ask: “I want to send you a gift what’s your address”