S.R.C Application

You should definitely vote for me I would be the best in the class for the job.


There are many skills required to be part of the S.R.C and I feel that I have some of those skills and wanted to share these with you.


I can speak well in front of crowds and have spoken in front of the whole school before. I also have a deep voice so that helps me when I’m speaking I love my voice for that reason and I think it’s easy to understand when I am speaking.  I also know a lot of words to express what I am talking about. Communication is one of the skills I have that would benefit the S.R.C.


Listening and Giving Feedback

I am good at listening to people and don’t get distracted and give them my attention.  I like to listen to my classmates share their opinions and give them feedback on their ideas. In class I know that I always give people my full attention when they are speaking


Leadership and Working with People

I am good at being the leader and suggesting things that we should do and why we should do them.  I enjoy organising things and people and think I do this in a fair way.  The other day is class when we were put into two groups my group decided that I should be the leader because most of the ideas that I suggested almost all were agreed by the group.


They are just some of the reasons why I should be the SRC representative for my class and we would be here all day if I told you all the reasons.




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