100 WC

My favorite youtuber is Tanner Fox. He’s got a camera, it’s a G7X mark two he loves this camera. He sometimes finds it hard to think of what to do in a vlog. He is good at scooting and trampolining. He doesn’t get that worried because he has had heaps of practice and knows he normally lands most of his tricks. He bought a 2017 Nissan GTR and recently had it wrapped he named his car Guaczilla because it’s the colour of guacamole. He gets a lot of support from his fans and family.

BTN Ahn Do’s Journey

Red – facts

Blue – Questions

Green – Insight

This BTN was about Ahn’s journey as a refugee from Vietnam. Some facts I got after watching the video where he travelled from Vietnam when he was 2. It took them five days at sea and then they were picked up by a German ship. They were attacked by pirates and Ahn’s little brother was dangled by the side of the boat but they spared his life. When they arrived to Australia they were very welcomed and they were treated with care. Two question I have after watching the video were what kind of boat did they take from Vietnam and did they have any objects from Vietnam when they arrived at Australia? One insight I have is lots of people left Vietnam because of the war.

100 WC 3 Way Conference – Bad

Why can something so small beat me in a race my gosh he’s only a prep. I must be so fat or something, but I go to the gym everyday. I’m going to train so hard so I can beat this tiny thing. I mean I have more privileges so I could just say ‘run slower or I will tell your teacher that you are bullying me’. After six months off non stop training I asked if we could verse again. Ready, set, GO!! i sprinted for all my life I was in front then he was we were two meters away from the finish line and…

BTN – Australian Federation

Facts – RED

Questions – GREEN

Insight – BLUE

This BTN article was about how the Australian federation was made. Three facts I got from the video where the first person to discover Australia was a Dutch explore called Ayden Tasman in 1642 came across Tasmania but moved on. Australia wasn’t claimed until 1770 when Captain James cook claimed a big chunk of and for Britain.  By the 1860’s Britain had set up six colonies around Australia and Great Britain was the big boss. Each colony had their own defence, trade rules and their own railway lines. Two questions I have after watching the article where why did Britain set up six colonies? and did each colony have their own leader? One insight I got after watching the video was that Britain was the country that made Australia what it is today.

100 WC – So that is why i’m always last

I met my friend at the milk bar and we rode to school together. We always have races to one street to another or a race from one side of the street to the other. We were about ten more minutes away from the school and we saw heaps of people in their cars going to our school. We got to some traffic lights and my friend said “don’t you think we have been waiting at this traffic light forever school starts in 5 minutes I think we’re going to be late” I said “yeah that’s why i’m always last to school because of this really slow traffic light.


This article was about privet Suds and privet Thomson and how they made history for stealing a cloth. Three facts I got from the article where Privet Suds and Privet Thomson thought that a convict’s life was easy. They though that getting caught would be a good thing. That’s because convicts got assigned hours of work agreed pay rates and had land rights once there sentence was over. But Frances Falls who is the first chief of justice made them wear neck and feet chains. Studs was already sick before having to go to Australia and forced to wear a lot of chains. Studs died three days after he put the chains on. Two questions I have are when and where did Privet Thomson die? Was privet Thomson paid and looked after the whey they promised he would be? An understanding I have after watching the video was that a convicts life wasn’t that bad if you didn’t commit if you weren’t in chains.

Goals for Semester 1

What I Want to Learn:

I know that I need to get better at my reasons in debates or other speeches this will help me in debates to have more of a chance to win. This has been on off my goals for a while and have completed it quite well but not fully. Another goal I need to meet is to do with reading, I think I need to read different books to find different genres. I could also find more challenging books.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

I could get suggestions from kids or my parents. I could also go more in depth off my reasons. I could get ant or people who have read a lot and know off a good book that I might like to suggest a book to me. I could also get my parents to suggest some good books.


How I learn and behave:

I think I need to stay more focused on my work and not get distracted from people. I know that sometimes if someone even isn’t talking to me ill still get distracted I need to get better at that.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

I could get a person sitting near me to tell me to do my work whenever I get distracted from people.



BTN – First Fleet


Red – Facts

Green – Questions

Blue – Understandings


The link to the BTN article I watched is here: First Fleet

This BTN article was about the first fleet. Three facts I got from the article were: 11 ships were a part of the first fleet, 6 carried convicts, 2 where navy ships and 3 had supplies. 700 people were packed on the congested boats including more than seventeen children and around twenty that wouldn’t survive the journey. The first fleet left Portsmouth, England on the 13th of May 1787 and arrived on 19th of January 1788 at Botany Bay. Two questions I have are, were there other people at the time travelling to NSW or Australia? And how many people didn’t survive the trip to Australia? An understanding I have is that there was heaps of people and not enough boats to carry them all but they did it in a way that was very uncomfortable.