This article was about privet Suds and privet Thomson and how they made history for stealing a cloth. Three facts I got from the article where Privet Suds and Privet Thomson thought that a convict’s life was easy. They though that getting caught would be a good thing. That’s because convicts got assigned hours of work agreed pay rates and had land rights once there sentence was over. But Frances Falls who is the first chief of justice made them wear neck and feet chains. Studs was already sick before having to go to Australia and forced to wear a lot of chains. Studs died three days after he put the chains on. Two questions I have are when and where did Privet Thomson die? Was privet Thomson paid and looked after the whey they promised he would be? An understanding I have after watching the video was that a convicts life wasn’t that bad if you didn’t commit if you weren’t in chains.

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