BTN Donating Blood

This BTN was about donating blood. Donating blood is very important in Australian society and just one donation can save up to 3 lives. When donating blood you can chose to donate plasma, platelets or the whole thing. If you chose to donate one part, the machine will take the blood out of your body, then takes the substance that you are donating and puts the rest back into your body. Once they have your blood they take it to factories and do tests on it to see if its at standard to help other people and not spread diseases. Most of the blood people donate goes to people with cancer or blood problems. 18 percent goes to people who needs surgery, and only 2 percent goes to people who have been in road accidents. you can also download an app to tell you when and where your blood has been used around Australia. I understand that donating blood can save up to 3 lives and you can donate regularly. I also know that most of the blood donated goes to people who have cancer or blood problems. How regularly does your body reproduce blood so you can donate it again?

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It was a Sunday, my family and I were at the annual food fair. We were looking for the best burger place possible. After a hard search our eyes were drawn to the most delicious looking burger stall I had ever seen. I ran into the long line of people waiting to get their hands on what was known as the colossal burger. After a long wait I got to try this burger, my mouth was watering. It was the best thing my tongue had ever touched! I had made up my mind, I would be coming back next year!

BTN First Fleet

This BTN article was about the first fleet. Three facts I got from the article were: 11 ships were a part of the first fleet, 6 carried convicts, 2 where navy ships and 3 had supplies. 700 people were packed on the congested boats including more than seventeen children and around twenty that wouldn’t survive the journey. The first fleet left Portsmouth, England on the 13th of May 1787 and arrived on 19th of January 1788 at Botany Bay. Two questions I have are, were there other people at the time travelling to NSW or Australia? And how many people didn’t survive the trip to Australia? An understanding I have is that there was heaps of people and not enough boats to carry them all but they did it in a way that was very uncomfortable. 

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collapsed to the ground disappearing into my own world. Within my world I could see lots of different things compared to the outside world. I started to see in panoramic, wide open swamps with huge crocodiles under orange sunset sky’s. It felt like an adventure land until I heard my door begin to move ever so slowly. The person who was behind the door was trying to do something strange. I felt like the crazy, strange but endless world I had just been in was starting to disappear before my eyes. I sat up, the world disappeared. I was back to reality.

BTN Soccer School

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Soccer is a great sport to play and is the most supported sport. Some kids play every recess and lunch. It’s about a class where soccer is used as a tool to teach kids a whole variety of subjects.  I personally think this is a good idea because there’s a lot you can learn from sport, writing match reports takes English skills, analysing the stats takes maths skills Also some Arsenal players come into classrooms to teach and talk about soccer.Will any other schools teach playing soccer? How does it help your mental skills? I wonder why soccer is the most supported sport.

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I woke up like I would any other morning. But something was different. I got up to be welcomed by a nice breakfast of pancakes. As I sat down at the table and began eating I immediately spat out some of the pancake. “EWWW” I squealed in disgust. “Whats wrong?” My mum shouted.  I kept trying to eat something but it just tasted badly. I just couldn’t eat something so my confused mother rushed me to the doctor as quick as a flash. I went into his office and the doctor checked my tongue. He glared at me. “What have you been eating?