100 WC

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I woke up like I would any other morning. But something was different. I got up to be welcomed by a nice breakfast of pancakes. As I sat down at the table and began eating I immediately spat out some of the pancake. “EWWW” I squealed in disgust. “Whats wrong?” My mum shouted.  I kept trying to eat something but it just tasted badly. I just couldn’t eat something so my confused mother rushed me to the doctor as quick as a flash. I went into his office and the doctor checked my tongue. He glared at me. “What have you been eating?

One thought on “100 WC

  1. phoebe2014 says:

    Good job on your 100wc. It was very suspenseful and at the end it leaves the reader wondering what happened. You used the prompt well but just remember to include a goal so people know what you were trying to aim for.

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