100 WC

It was a Sunday, my family and I were at the annual food fair. We were looking for the best burger place possible. After a hard search our eyes were drawn to the most delicious looking burger stall I had ever seen. I ran into the long line of people waiting to get their hands on what was known as the colossal burger. After a long wait I got to try this burger, my mouth was watering. It was the best thing my tongue had ever touched! I had made up my mind, I would be coming back next year!

One thought on “100 WC

  1. antsclass says:

    just like the burger, this little tale is very satisfying- in just 100 words you have placed everything you need in it-you set the scene, create the challenge, then resolve and set up for next year. Your sentence structure really helps to elaborate and connect ideas
    great work

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