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This BTN was about donating blood. Donating blood is very important in Australian society and just one donation can save up to 3 lives. When donating blood you can chose to donate plasma, platelets or the whole thing. If you chose to donate one part, the machine will take the blood out of your body, then takes the substance that you are donating and puts the rest back into your body. Once they have your blood they take it to factories and do tests on it to see if its at standard to help other people and not spread diseases. Most of the blood people donate goes to people with cancer or blood problems. 18 percent goes to people who needs surgery, and only 2 percent goes to people who have been in road accidents. you can also download an app to tell you when and where your blood has been used around Australia. I understand that donating blood can save up to 3 lives and you can donate regularly. I also know that most of the blood donated goes to people who have cancer or blood problems. How regularly does your body reproduce blood so you can donate it again?

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  1. Finn Darlington says:

    Nice work Ziggy. I thought that it was really clever of you to choose something like blood donations.
    Really good job!

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