Project Reflection

Ryan C and I did a really good job on our Thorny Devil project. We both found a lot of information and collated it into a power point. Each week we decided what we were going to research on so we knew that we wouldn’t find the same info. Also since we did that we had a lot of information to put into our PowerPoint. We found really interesting things on their adaptations and way of eating and drinking. Three of the most interesting things I found were:

  1. They don’t use their mouths to eat they go into a puddle and the water absorbs into their skin threw the pores.
  2. They have a fake head to protect themselves from predators.
  3. Sticky tongue (this help when eating because the ants that it eats gets stuck to the tongue so they can eat about a 1000 ants at a time. It can also eat as many as 5000 in one meal.

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