100 WC

Hearing whispers of my name made me go closer. A mysterious light caught my attention in a blink of an eye. I carefully placed my finger upon the crystals. Suddenly I drop. Im awake lying in a isolated room with crimson blood dripping of my finger. A shadow rises through crumbling walls. It was the same voice as before but saying “leave”. I scattered, trying to get up. I ran for the door but couldn’t reach. I look at my unpolished feet when all of a sudden I see a chain holding me back. A prison is what I’ll  be.

One thought on “100 WC

  1. antsclass says:

    Ziggy, in my opinion this is the best piece of writing I’ve seen from you this year. I love the creative sentence structure you have used- the first 2 sentences for instances both start with the object- a sound, and then a sight. You immediately draw us in to this mysterious piece.
    The effort you have made to be creative with your vocabulary also makes a fantastic impact.

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