100 WC

I was walking along buds in my ear

Singing my song

With a cheer

Holdin’ my ginger beer

Sipin it lightly

That tastes so fine

My dogs so devine

He follows my lead

Even when hes not on lead

Next to the park

Nearly dark

Warm evening

Everyone’s screaming!

It was in the pond

By the toad

Everyone raced to see whats wrong

There was a ambo called by John

Hes not alive

We cant still thrive

We need some help

The dogs stopped yelp

Man in a pond dead

Feet up

Head down

Boots still on!

2 thoughts on “100 WC

  1. antsclass says:

    This is a super impressive poem!
    I love the way you’ve played with language like when you use the word ‘lead’ 2 ways. I love the way you’ve carefully chosen phrases that vividly and concisely describe, like:
    ‘Nearly dark
    Warm evening
    Everyone’s screaming!’ (I also love the rhyme and rhythm here!)
    And I love the way you choose specific details to show not tell emotions, like the ‘holdin’ my ginger beer/ sipin it lightly’- such a great way to show the casual mood at the start.
    But my absolute favourite is your ending:
    ‘Man in a pond dead
    Feet up
    Head down
    Boots still on!’
    Great work mate-keep it up

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